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MFHA encourages organizations to begin their educational journey with our Unconscious Bias workshops, which emphasize self-awareness. Once a person identifies their blind spots, their biases and their prejudices, they often realize how many assumptions they make about people from different cultural groups. The next step in this journey is to learn about Cultural Intelligence what it is, why it’s important and how building Cultural Intelligence can positively impact relationships as well as communication and business outcomes. After this knowledge is built and skills are practiced, it is time to look externally at how a business engages multicultural communities to build value-added relationships for the brand. Lastly, we focus on developing inclusive leadership and professional development capabilities to help build a sustainable culture of authenticity and natural inclusion.

Step One: Make the Business Case and Manage Unconscious Bias

Data and facts are used to illustrate exactly where and how companies will benefit financially (reduced costs and increased sales) by employing multicultural strategies.
Research from Harvard, The University of Chicago and other institutions is presented in a highly interactive and engaging program. Illustrations are provided of how companies overlook talent and business opportunities due to bias and what can be done to overcome blind spots and missed opportunities.

Step Two: Understand Your Internal Diversity and Increase Cultural Intelligence

This webinar provides insights, tools and best practices that will increase multicultural team efficiency by providing practical solutions from a cross-cultural communication, employee motivation, team development and talent coaching perspective. Additionally, cultural identity is explored with sensitivity and respect while exposing attendees to the experiences, beliefs, myths, and expectations of the three major ethnic groups in the United States – Blacks/African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos and Asian Americans.
These customizable workshops teach participants how to better engage individuals from different ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds in their workplace and marketplace for the purpose of increasing sales and profits. MFHA’s five competency model includes self-awareness, cross-cultural communication, empathetic engagement, conflict resolution and authentic coaching. These competencies serve as the foundation to improve the overall organizational CQ with employees and customers.
This webinar is designed to help managers anticipate, recognize and react appropriately to de-escalate cross-cultural confrontations when they occur in their establishments.In recent years, restaurants and hotels have seen an increase in multicultural customer and employee conflict. Whether it occurs guest-to-guest, guest-to-employee, or employee-to-employee, verbal altercations can and have escalated to physical and even dangerous levels. This session includes insights for managers on how to coach employees to treat each other and guests with dignity and respect.

Step Three: Engage the Community and Develop a Plan that Drives Sales and Diversifies Recruitment

A multicultural community engagement blueprint illustrates how companies can create a sustainable community outreach effort that will attract customers and potential employees to the brand. Strategies and tactics that help reach different racial and ethnic groups are presented in a way that can augment existing recruiting initiatives.

Step Four: Engage and Retain Your Multicultural Talent with Leadership Development

This webinar helps employees from diverse cultural backgrounds understand the value and importance of creating their own career development road map. Strategic insights, tools, tips and best practices will be shared to help attendees better manage their day-to-day interactions with supervisors in order to meet business objectives and advance their careers. This session shares the “unwritten rules of corporate success” in a straight-talk format.

MFHA Feature Workshops & Recommended During the Challenges Of Covid-19

Data and facts are used to illustrate exactly where and how companies will benefit financially (reduced costs and increased sales) by employing multicultural strategies.
This one-hour interactive webinar addresses the topic of COVID-19 and its impact on African Americans and Latinx foodservice and hospitality employees. MFHA will also address the post-anti-racism dialogue and its impact on furloughed employees returning to work.
Defining anti-racism and the ways companies can establish practices and priorities to demonstrate their commitment to social justice for all and advocacy for anti-racism. MFHA, in partnership with corporate leaders of the organization, provide insights, examples and a clear vision for the future.