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Programs & Initiatives

MFHA provides various programs and initiatives to support members as they build their organizations’ Cultural Intelligence.

Individual Coaching for Diverse Talent

Our consultants are available to provide individual career coaching for multicultural high potential talent. Executive-level coaching on multicultural issues is also available.

Quick Cultural Intelligence Assessment (QCIA)

MFHA’s QCIA© is a self-administered questionnaire that provides a cross-sectional look at current Inclusion, Diversity and Cultural Intelligence programs and initiatives. Answers provide a quick snapshot of how your organization compares to the most culturally responsive companies. Once completed, an MFHA consultant can review your results and provide guidance on next steps.

Regional Roundtables

MFHA conducts national and regional conferences that address the most critical multicultural issues facing our industry. Workshops are hosted by individual companies or at local meeting venues to deliver specific content.

Find a Job

Link to our website and post open positions. Also, post positions by request to MFHA’s LinkedIn group page. Opportunities also available for posting for non-members at a special rate.

Showcase of the Stars™

A live, interactive event that promotes careers in the food and hospitality industry nationwide. It is designed to give companies an audience of talented multicultural high school and college students to share their diversity stories, enhance employment branding, provide public speaking and exposure for employees, attract talent and give back to the community.



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