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Press Releases

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MFHA and DiscoverLink Deliver Joint Diversity Training Solution
That Builds Customer Loyalty and Improves Employee Retention. Introducing “Build Better Relationships with your African-American Co-Workers and Guests”

2016 Event and Program Releases
Gerry Fernandez Interview on Global Diversity News (PDF)
2016 MFHA African American/Black Leadership pays tribute to a record 46 honorees (PDF)
Gerry Fernandez honored as one of the 100 Men of Color ELEVEN28 Entertainment to host 100 Men Of Color  (PDF)

2015 MFHA Event and Program Releases

2015 Tribute to Black/African-American Leadership in Foodservice & Hospitality (PDF)
2015 Asian-American & Pacific Islander Press Release MFHA’s 2015 Tribute
2015 MFHA Multicultural Allies Tribute Press Release (PDF)
2015 Hispanic Leadership Multicultural Tribute Press Release (PDF)

2014 MFHA Event and Program Releases
Online cultural inclusiveness: “Something for restaurants to think about” (PDF)
24 Hispanic-American Senior Leaders (PDF)
25 Asian American Executives Recognized (PDF)
6 Black CEOs at the helm of major companies (PDF)
Kaleidoscope Creating a diverse workforce is all about the color green (PDF)

2013 MFHA Event and Program Releases
MFHA Celebrates Black History Month (PDF)
The 2013 Year End Stewardship Report (PDF)

2012 Press Kit
MFHA History (PDF)
MFHA’s Cultural Intelligence Initiative (PDF)
MFHA Organizational Overview (PDF)
MFHA Timeline (PDF)
MFHA Fact Sheet (PDF)
MFHA Backgrounder (PDF)
MFHA Testimonials (PDF)
Roy Jackson Biography (PDF)
Tony Mitchell Biography (PDF)

2012 MFHA Event and Program Releases
The 2012 Year End Stewardship Report (PDF)
MFHA & NRN Webinar Series (PDF)
MFHA’s Tribute to Hispanic History Month (PDF)
MFHA’s Tribute to Multicultural Allies (PDF)
MFHA Celebrates Asian History Month (PDF)
MFHA’s Presence at 2012 NRA Show (PDF)
MFHA Celebrates Black History Month (PDF)
The LGBT Opportunity Post Release (PDF)
The LGBT Opportunity Pre Release (PDF)
MFHA Launches Inclusion Inmotion (PDF)
MFHA Celebrates 15th Anniversary (PDF)

2012 Showcase of the Stars™
Providence Release (PDF)
McDonald’s Release (PDF)
Denver Pre Release (PDF)